Improving the quality of life among our members
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The Reeves Foundation provides members in Arizona with high-quality habilitation services in our homes. One of our main goals is to maximize the quality of life, so each member reaches his or her potential. Our services individually address habilitative therapies, behavior intervention, sensory-motor development, and special developmental skills. Our homes are in residential neighborhoods, which facilitates the multi-dimensional needs of our members. The independence of the members is paramount, and we assist them as needed with a qualified staff, which are constantly trained, to meet their needs. This care in the homes includes taking the members via transport to appointments and outings as part of community integration, as well as providing room and board.

  • Nursing Supported Group Home (NSGH)
  • Group Home (GH)
  • Day Program
  • Respite Care
  • Individually Designed Living Arrangement (IDLA)


Home and Community-Based Services
These services allow Medicaid beneficiaries to receive services in their own home or community instead of in government institutions. Our unique programs can serve a variety of targeted populations, e.g., people with intellectual, developmental disabilities, or physical disabilities.
This service/support is aimed at helping individuals with a disability to achieve, maintain, or advance skills and functioning for use in daily living. This service can include therapies but is not limited to, physical, occupational, speech, and others.
Attendant Care
This service is utilized to assist people with disabilities, so they can perform tasks that would be part of their daily activities that they would normally be doing for themselves. One of the primary keys of this service would be to focus on the member’s independence through an assortment of venues.
Adult/Child Developmental Homes
This service provides an environment in an adult developmental home or child developmental home in a residential community where support for a small group of adults who have developmental disabilities live together and receive care in their home. The level of support is customized based on each member’s plan.
Transition to Employment
This service supports members as they obtain the skills to perform a job search and employment skills needed to achieve independent or supervised employment in the community in which they live. It also prepares members with the ability to explore the landscape of jobs for which they could work and how to use public transportation.
Physical Therapy
This service helps members with the treatment of injury, disease, or restriction of physical methods through various methods, e.g., exercise, massage, and heat treatment, rather than through surgery or prescription drugs.
Speech Therapy
This service helps members with treatment for disorders or impairments of speech, swallowing, voice, communication, and language.
Occupational Therapy
This service can help members who are recovering from physical or developmental disabilities, so it encourages rehabilitation via the performance of activities that are used in the daily life of the member.

This service is unique because nurses have the prospect of knowing their patients for longer than at hospitals. Nurses assess and treat members clinically, and they are interconnected with the experiences, living environment, and personal concerns of the members they support. Our concern for all medical care is attended to in conjunction with the scheduling and attending appointments with PCPs and specialists for each member.

For all our services, we will ensure that the Arizona Department of Economic Security service objectives and requirements are followed. Moreover, records will be kept per the requirements of that institution.


For further details about our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You may give us a call at 888-416-3549 or leave us a message on our contact form.

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adult woman assisting special child smiling