Maintaining a well-maintained environment for our members
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We provide members in Arizona with high-quality habilitation services in our homes. One of our main goals is to maximize the quality of life, so each member reaches his or her potential. Our services individually address habilitative therapies, behavior intervention, sensory-motor development, and special developmental skills. Our homes are in residential neighborhoods, which facilitates the multi-dimensional needs of our members. The independence of the members is paramount, and we assist them as needed with a qualified staff, which are constantly trained, to meet their needs. This care in the homes includes taking the members via transport to appointments and outings as part of community integration, as well as providing room and board.

We promote social skills, problem-solving, and independent living. We provide for community participation with an assortment of activities each month in addition to transporting all members as requested. The members take an active role in planning the activities they would like to participate in each month. We take care to coordinate with all service providers to make sure that each member’s needs are taken care of while also providing 24-hour room and board.

We deliver support services to enable members to gain knowledge and skills that would allow successful integration into their communities, learn adaptive skills for safety, assist in achieving a self-defined quality of life, and facilitate the positive development of relationships. Individual Support Plans (ISPs) are developed in accordance with the ISP process. Support services are provided according to the ISP to ensure that basic consumer skills, supervision, health needs, behavioral concerns, therapeutic recommendations, and assistance with activities of daily living are met.

Our staff provides for the safety and sanitation of the living conditions of members in our care. This would be based on the individual support plans, but, in general, all routine maintenance supports are provided. This would include, but not be limited to the cleaning of the floors, walls, windows, kitchen, bathrooms, appliances, laundry, linens, shopping, garbage removal, cooking, yard work, general house maintenance, and any other duties as noted in the individual support plan.


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adult woman assisting special child smiling