Providing short-term relief for caregivers while also enabling the member to experience a new environment
special child in a wheelchair assisting by an adult woman

Our Respite Care has been helpful for members and their guardians and families. This short-term service assists those caregivers and family members with a bit of relief while also giving the member a different experience, which can increase the quality of life. We evaluate the member’s daily routine and specific needs and ensure that our staff is briefed on these specific ISP items. We provide Respite Care to members at various locations. Their physical, mental, and emotional health are critical regardless of the length of time a member is in our care. It is also a way for members to have a sense of what it could be like to be in our care on a long-term basis if that were something that would arise in the future.


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beautiful view inside in the house
adult woman assisting special child smiling
adult woman assisting special child smiling